Nicola Gomirato, known as HornGlobetrotter, is an educator, musician and writer.

From 1996, year of the birth of Martino, is involved to the realization of a positive teaching that allows greater attention to the development of the curiosity and imagination of the child.

With Martino Tales he arrives to the realization of his vision.

With the helpful contribution of the Orchestra Rondinella, Nicola proposes performances in musical-theatrical style of all Martino Tales. As conductor of the Orchestra and as entertainer, Nicola tells about Martin’s World and, at the same time, performs original own music, accompanying the tales narration made by actors narrators.

All performed music by Orchestra Rondinella is original, composed by Nicola Gomirato: music for children tales, concerts for orchestra, for solo instruments and orchestra, dances, fanfares and little symphonies for orchestra.

Artistic Director: NICOLA GOMIRATO

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Nicola, in his spare time, he do some sports (well, now mainly... walking!), he plays chess and, of course, he writes music and humoristic literature (link)!